At some point in life, you will have to grab a red cloth from your wardrobe and wear it like it’s your cape. At some point in your life – it can be tomorrow, or it can be twenty years from tomorrow – you will have to be your own hero.

It is fine to depend on people. After all, relationships, be it romantic, familial or friendly, are meant to help you through the labyrinth that is life. A few people will offer you their hand when you stumble and fall, and it is perfectly acceptable to place your hand in theirs, get back up, and smile. What is not okay, is to lose yourself if someone doesn’t save you.

Your life, darling, is precious. It’s more important than you realise. And there will be times where you have a choice, to save yourself or to give up hope because someone else gives up on you. And I suggest, you do the former. The reason is simple, really – you have to put yourself first, because nobody else will.

Call it demands of modern life or call it evolution, but we humans are selfish. We hold the capacity to be nice and kind, and all those rainbow like things, but hardly anyone is selfless. There will be times the person you ran to with your problems – the person who wiped your tears away – will turn their backs on you. You will feel a sense of betrayal greater than ever before. But you’ve gotta look in the mirror, and look at yourself. The reflection is the person who will always be there for you, who holds all the capacity for redemption.

You’re not Cinderella, no Prince Charming is going to pursue you, pull you out of the misery you endure and give you a fairy tale ending. But that doesn’t mean you’re not a princess. You are a princess, a queen even, who is strong and independent enough to stand for herself.


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