The 5 Best And Worst Things About Having An Older Brother

Thought Catalog

shutterstock_160732808Best: You get to try things earlier than most of your peers because when your brother starts doing it, you kind of get to too. For example, when he starts drinking coffee, you’ll probably be able to finagle yourself a cup (and by cup I mean a decaf mocha frappuccino). You’ll also get to watch super inappropriate things before your time, like Gold Member, because it’s too much of a hassle to find something everyone likes, and eventually your parents will give up forcing your brother to watch the DCOMs you like.

Worst: While getting to do some things earlier than most can be cool, sometimes you will do something that you’re entirely not ready for, but too embarrassed to say so. This can manifest itself in watching Donny Darko at the age of 11 because it’s your brother’s 14th birthday party and you don’t want to be uninvited…

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