Shame on you, world

I am going to be extremely blunt in this post. So if you cannot handle some bashing criticism, I suggest you stop reading.

It’s been a few days since the attack on a university in Kenya. 147 students were murdered. Islamic extremists targeted the Christian population. 147 families were destroyed, their friends shattered. And nobody gave a flying fuck about it.

I waited for a few days. I expected protests and solidarity walks, I expected emergency meets and all countries coming together to tackle this problem of terrorism. But did anything happen? Nothing. Most news agencies reported this in a corner of their page, with one or two paragraphs to cover the story. Two paragraphs is what 147 victims of terror attack deserve.

Now, I do not understand why. In the Sydney Siege, where 2 people died, it was world news. All news channels covered it live, it was front page news. Charlie Hebdo attack was an event that shook everyone’s conscience, and people took the streets. It made me proud, that humans are indeed standing up against the wrong, irrespective of countries and cultures.

Then this happens. Kenya attack were ignored. The world celebrated Easter as if we were at peace. As if an entire country wasn’t in mourning. I am not saying that the attacks in Sydney or Paris were irrelevant. A terror attack is a terror attack, irruptive of the amount of lives lost. However, what is shameful is that we fail to be moved by the plight of people living in Kenya.

147 innocent lives lost due to terrorism. A few ignorant fucks shot the bullets, and millions of other ignorant fucks just shrugged away. We’re so racist. We don’t care about 147 lives lost, because they were black. Because they were citizens of a developing country, because they lived in a continent that the world uses as the nuclear waste dumping ground. Kenya, Africa. A place most of us still are biased about, still exploit, still give no respect.

We all want to pretend we have evolved, that humans in the 21st century don’t believe in discrimination, but that’s just an illusion. If this had happened at say, Harvard, it would have shaken the world. It would be a topic for debate at the UN. But hell, Kenya. Nobody cares. Let’s all just obsess over Zayn Malik leaving One Direction instead.


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