Hello there, Ireland

My cousin (who I love very much, I might add. Random shoutout) is at Ireland for an internship. He told me that tomorrow, on 22nd May 2015, there will be a vote held. Ireland will ask their citizens whether or not they support same sex marriages. Like any other change, it is preceded by heated debates and spectacles.

It shouldn’t be very hard to figure out my stance.

The way I see it, marriages are a choice people make. I may or may not want to marry the person I love. But the right to make that choice should be everyone’s. Heterosexual, Homosexual or Bisexual. You want to get married? Sure. Please invite me as well, I appreciate free food.

You see, Friday’s referendum vote is vital for a good section of the society (if not the entire country as a whole, since positive changes better the lives of everyone. However, let’s stick to the ones who will be directly and more severely affected by tomorrow’s vote).

It is their chance to make sure that they are guaranteed basic rights as part of the human family. It is their chance to make sure they are not ostracised or shamed by this brutal society that we live in. It’s not just about marriage, per say. It’s about being acknowledged as normal, unexceptional people, who are not suffering from any kind of psychological disorders. It’s about being given the same amount of respect and dignity as a heterosexual gets, at all levels in the society, simply for being a part of it.

Yes, these changes are largely social than legislative. Yes, one might argue that these changes cannot be forced upon people. I agree. Change initiates from the inside. But at the same time, while this process of social change in underway, we need to ensure the legislature protects and supports the LGBTIQ community. Some change, some amount of reassurance, some glimmer of hope is always welcome.

So if you have the privilege to be a part of this change, please, go vote. Tell Ireland that you support same sex marriages, because there should be no argument about it at all. Some fundamental rights are not to be fought upon. But since we created a society where we are forced to fight for what is right, might as well correct the mistake. Help establish equality. Go vote.


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