Isn’t it disgusting that instead of being scared and angry about, I don’t know, global warming, we’re scared of millions of men women and children because they were born to a particular religion?

Muslims are targets of racist attacks every single where in the world. It has been an epidemic ever since 9/11, and after Charlie Hebdo, there is just no stopping it. Hate rallies, with thousands joining in. People trying to curtail Muslim immigration. Ignorant people blaming people across countries and continents for the actions of other few ignorant people.

I’m sorry, but I don’t see Caucasian-phobia after the Charleston shooting? Why is it that the entire white population, across the world, isn’t blamed for what could easily be categorised as a terrorist attack as well? I don’t see people suffering from Jew- phobia. Not even after what Israel continues to do in Palestine. We don’t publicly hate and have demonstrations against either of these people, we do not blame them. Because in these cases, we understand that the actions of one, or a few disturbed minds isn’t reflective of the entire community’s thoughts and feelings.

Terrorism isn’t a problem caused due to religion. People who read up will understand how social, political and economic factors all act as the foundation of this violent act of killing and domination, not holy scriptures. ISIS isn’t about religion, dear. It’s about dictatorship, about unfathomable power and control over a large region of the world, about establishing a state that has no constitution nor liberation.

And trust me, people travelling on the subway with you have nothing to do with the ISIS. I promise. That bag that they’re carrying? Not a bomb, but groceries and stationary for their toddlers. Or maybe a small little packet of pringles as snack. That’s about it.

I suggest you be mad at the terrorists themselves, and not a religion, race or ethnicity in particular? Hate Osama Bin Laden. Let’s hate on him together. Hate what Boko Haram is doing? Let’s take action and raise our voices so our so called ‘powerful’ nations can help stopping the atrocities. Hate that kid from across the block who reads the Quran? Oops. Guess you’re alone here, loser.

And Muslims (or people from other communities that are target of such dull-witted discrimination) stand up and stand strong. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are somehow made inferior because of your religion. Wear that hijab and go to a Mosque. If anyone dares to violate your fundamental, human right of practising what you believe, I will be here to protect you.


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