Same Sex Marriages

tumblr_l6nc75snqu1qacar6o1_500_largeA late post, yet again. Apologies. I was busy celebrating and seeing the celebrations, the beauty of this historic judgement. The Supreme Court of the United States of America legalised same sex marriages in all 50 states.

Of course, there are legalities involved and the implementation is going to take time. But the US started making progress. Baby Steps.

Now, I don’t live in the USA. This decision affects me in no manner whatsoever, but here I am, happy. I feel happy for those thousands of men and women who are now equal. After fighting for decades on the end, they are free to wed and enjoy all the rights a heterosexual adult does. There should have been no disparity to start with, but as long as we’re on our way to rectify our mistakes, I am not going to whine.

Where I live there still exists a law, section 377 (which was read down by the high court but, ironically, upheld by the supreme court) under which homosexuals and bisexuals can still be jailed. Yes. We are one of those countries where, despite all the protests and appeals, the LGBTIQA community does not enjoy equality. I hope there is a day, a day in my life, where this section is removed and they are free to be themselves without facing any consequences.

And for those who opposed this decision by the USA and continue to yell, well. I am tired of repeating how science has proved time and again that homosexuality is natural and found in species others than us homo sapiens as well. I am done explaining that religion must not play a role in the law making process of a secular country. I am frustrated telling people how God wouldn’t care about sexuality, that most of you are “sinners” to start with when you engage in premarital sex. I am finished stating how marriage does’t have to lead to reproduction, that it is something much more beautiful than simply survival of our species (and with our population, a few less kids is good news).

I will not go around explaining all of that, and I will not put references to researches and articles. You know why? Because you have the right to have opinions. Don’t get married to a person of the same sex as you. Fine. But don’t you dare ostracise the ones who do. That is their right.

As for the LGBTIQA community. It isn’t your win, but ours. All of humanity won. The fight was long, but it continues. It isn’t over as yet. A few changes don’t mean social equality around the world, and that’s what we really want, don’t we? Nevertheless, this court decision is to be cherished, to be built upon. Love Wins.


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