Let’s start with the kids

We talk about a world that is free of all bias when it comes to sex, gender, sexuality, race, religion, class, and all other factors. We talk about a world that has no discrimination, with no biases and prejudices against people for their innate characteristics and for fluidity of nature.

And trust me, I am one of those who thinks this world isn’t possible, not in my lifetime. This is not because I have no faith in humanity, but because these prejudices are so ingrained in you and I, so deeply rooted in our very sense of identity that it is going to be difficult to get rid of them. Our thoughts and perceptions are coated with these skewed attitudes, and it is not solely us to blame. Yes, it is possible to be conscious of these implicit attitudes later on, and try to get rid of them. But more often than not, we ourselves are unaware of our prejudices.

So, if we are to evolve this rather shitty world into euphoric, ideal one with equality, what’s the plan?

Start with the little ones.

Kids are the ones who come into this world with little or no cultural biases and prejudices. They are taught to be hateful towards a community, and loving towards the other. They are taught the gender roles and they are taught islamophobia and they are taught homophobia. So, start with the kids.

Maybe, just maybe, don’t wrap the baby girl in pink blanket and the baby boy in a blue one. Perhaps, make sure the baby has his father nurturing and caring for him/her just as much his/her mother does. Expose the kids to books and movies that don’t portray all terrorists as Muslims, and all murderers as African-American, and talk to them about how everyone is different in their ow way. Show them that love can be found with anyone, and there is nothing to be ashamed of about how we are built. Let them play with other children of different religion and race and socio-economic backgrounds and understand that they aren’t that different after all. Expose them to the realities of the world, and not Disney movies. Help them plant a tree instead of planting ideas of hate and prejudice in their heads.

Yes, it’s a battle. Parents will struggle to to this, because we are surrounded by stimuli that tell us otherwise. It is a daunting task, but it is doable. A little effort on your side will make the child a beautiful, independent human being who will go on to change the world, one step at a time.

For all we know, if everyone does this, that perfect world will be on the horizon in our lifetime.


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