Be You

I go on twitter, and I see girls being so excited for their pumpkin latte and scarves and boots and dressing up as a minion for Halloween and then, I scroll down, to see all the hate they get. Basic, they say.

You know what? You are excited for something and you feel happy doing things that you do. Yes, maybe they’re cliché and maybe they’re done too often but that doesn’t make anything bad. People breathe everyday, and nobody says ‘basic bitch’. You have the luxury to find happiness in Starbucks? Damn right, then you buy whatever you want and post it on instagram and add the hashtag #FoodPorn because you know what? Your happiness is yours and nobody else gets to tell you what to do and what not to do.

So let people call you basic. Or, let people call you an outcast if you simply don’t like hanging out with most people in the school and instead prefer to wait up to watch the stars or make carvings in wood. The only person who needs to accept you is yourself, so let others call you an outcast or a stuck up bitch, or whatever they want to because they don’t understand that everyone has their own preferences and that is just fine. We all cannot be the same and imagine a world where everyone likes the exact same things. You are the reason this world is a vivid place with so many possibilities. Don’t let random people who don’t know one thing about you tell you that you’re in some way inferior for what you like and dislike.

And oh God. To all the girls who’ve been calls sluts. Now, slut is defined as a woman who has many casual sexual partners. Is there anything, anything wrong in this? Let’s put on our thinking hats, shall we? You don’t harm anyone. You don’t steal anything. You just have consensual sex, which I might add, is a pleasurable, natural, innate need. So you know what? Don’t let them derogate you and make you feel like you’re a person with no values. You have principles and you have the right to make choices and if that choice doesn’t fit others’ idea of what ‘good’ and ‘bad’ is, who cares? You be you. Also, remember the sexism behind this. No boy would ever be called out for having sex, but he would be applauded.

Also, all the nerds. Okay, so you like books and you like to know things and you like to study in school, and I don’t understand why that should be laughed at because that is exactly what schools are for. Schools are not built to find romantic partners or Prom or for your senior prank, but to prepare you for your future. And yes, now you’ll see everyone having fun but in ten years they’ll depend on you for their salary so they can have a beer to drown their sorrows and regret the decisions they made. So if they call you nerd, that is only because they are too infantile to understand that this world isn’t confined to High School and the latest sitcom, and that you are doing what you think makes you satisfied. So screw them, and work.

I don’t know. There’s just so many tags and the worst is, all of us use these tags to insult people and that is not cool. It is not okay to criticise people for who they are, for doing what makes them happy. We need to learn to accept and move on. I’m not preaching you to be friends with people who you don’t share a vibe with (although, going outside your comfort zone teaches you things, a lot of things, I don’t think it’s a mandatory rule or something). But please, don’t go on to hurl tags at people you don’t even know, because sometimes they stick and they strip people of all the smiles in the world.

And lastly, be you.


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