I’m one of those people

I am one of those young adults who don’t have their life in their hands, but their phone always is. I am one of those people who sleep next to their phone and wake up to notifications and reply back to people and tweet before they can even proceed to get off the bed. I’m one of those students who has all her notes on her phone and all her reminders inside it. I am one of those girls who has apps on her phone so I can shop online or chat with people from all over the world. I am one of those people.

And I realised my need to have my phone with me during all times only when my phone’s screen cracked and I had to live without it. I still am. I think my withdrawal symptoms – which include lack of appetite and extreme anxiety over missing something important – have peaked. It cannot get worse. And hence, I am going to go and buy myself a new phone.

This, now, is heavily criticised by people *cough* parents *cough*. Am I addicted? Not really. Despite the withdrawal symptoms analogy that I used, I don’t think I am addicted. Yes, I use this technology a lot, I use it in my dad-to-day life. I don’t carry a separate camera and a calendar and a calculator and a mirror and a book and a newspaper and a pager and a walkman in my bag anymore, I just throw in my phone and I am good to go. I am dependent on my phone for multiple things, instead of being dependent on multiple things. You may call it being addicted, I call it being smart and using all the resources available to me efficiently.

Really, think about it. You guys have your pens, don’t you? So would you rather carry a pen or resort to carrying a feather and ink around the place (which I might add, looks fancy, but really isn’t very efficient and cost effective)? You make use of the advances humans make, and that is not always an addiction. Yes, granted that some people in my generation are addicted to the very core, true to the definition of the word ‘addicted’. But most of us? We simply enjoy the simplicity and the ease of use that our phones have to offer.

We like the fact that we can stay in touch with all the people we love when the society lurches and attacks us constantly. We like the fact that our phones help us divide 49 by 7, and also help in massive changes like the Cairo revolution. We like the fact that we can document all moments that are special, so we never have to risk not remembering. We like the fact that in a massive, scary, daunting world, we can go anywhere and do anything with the 6 mm device in our hands. We like the fact that we don’t need to physically write all the information down and can save all the hassle involved with it, not to mention the environmental costs of the same. We like the fact that we live in a world so connected, that it blurs the boundaries of nation and race and religion. We like the fact that a single hashtag can unite millions within minutes. We like it, unapologetically.

So yes, I am one of those people.


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