You got friend-zoned? You deserve it

I was scrolling across my facebook because I was bored (duh) and had already scrolled through twitter about eight times. Scrolling through selfies posted incessantly and passive-aggressive status updates, I saw an article. How to get out of the friend-zone, it said. Something in me flipped, and I logged into WordPress, and here comes yet another rant. Brace yourselves, dear readers. This is not going to be considerate of your feelings.

Confession time, dear boys. Friend-zone exists. It’s that super-secret place hidden in a parallel universe, which can be accessed only by passing through a black hole in the middle of the Milky Way. That’s where a girl keeps all her friends – both boys and girls. Newsflash: Girls are not some sexual objects, they are very human, with a very real need of having friends. And if you’re nice to a girl, she will probably want you to be her friend, irrespective of your sex. Now this applies to men as well, I assure you, but I will continue to use the typical example of a girl friend-zoning a guy simply because girls are attacked for it way more than boys ever will be. Men, on the other hand, are applauded for having female company. Their value as a male is often measured by the number of girls they have as friends.

So, to elaborate on the aforementioned. Girls have male friends. And girls are not obliged to like every single guy who may be interested in her. Think about it for a minute. Should the girl not have any single right to say ‘no’ to someone else without being ridiculed for it? Is the girl bound by some divine law to be romantically interested in every guy who looks their way? Or worst of all, is it really reasonable to expect the girl to know you like her without you telling her, only by looking at your infantile subtweets and the amount of emojis you send to her? It may seem like it, but girls are not mind readers.

And let me be blunt. I don’t even care if someone chooses to be promiscuous – which sounds like a horrible tag but is only a choice that the girl in question made for herself and does not harm a single soul. But it will be the same people who complain about friend-zones who will call her a slut and a whore. Please, make up your mind. You want all girls to like you back unconditionally, but you don’t want girls to like all boys. That doesn’t quite add up.

I’m done with people talking about friend-zones as if there is no greater evil in this world than a girl either not even being aware of the other person’s feelings or just not being into the guy. If you crib and get whiny about a girl ‘friend-zoning’ you, you are probably the kind of hypocrite that nobody should date in the first place.


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