There is a new video that everyone is talking about. #DearDaddy, it goes. Following the trend of making everything a hashtag, this video features an unborn girl talking to her father. She talks about how this world is not safe for girls, and their biggest perpetrators are men they know.

Does it feel patriarchal in the first go? Yes. After all, the father is supposed to protect the daughter. But it is the underlying message that’s important. That everyday jokes and comments are what fuel violence against women, and they need to be targeted. It’s the call for action, however subtle it may be, that is important.

I know a lot of you may have already seen the video, and may have a difference of opinion, and I respect that. A lot of you may have stumbled upon this post and discovered it. Do watch it. In five minutes, the video managed to twist my heart up a little. It might just have the same effect on you.




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