Hello, 2016

A new year, a new me. Literally. I did many things for the first time between the 31st and the 1st, and they are too personal to reveal anyway. Some memories make me laugh, the others make me mad. However, shit went down. Most importantly, I lost my wallet and phone. Yes, I lost all of it and now I’m relying on the cops to help me out. Fingers crossed. I really miss my phone, most of all. But oh well, lessons learned.

Although my celebrations were…bitter sweet, to say the least, I do wish every single one of you a very happening 2016. Not necesarily a happy new year, because happy 366 days would mean monotonous 366 days. Hell no. Fall in love this year and fall out of love. Stay awake till wee hours to watch the Rio Olympics and then hate that athlete from your country who messed up his/her chance of winning. Flunk an exam or ace that exam. Try out the bubble gum flavour in ice cream. Read a genre of books that you never would otherwise. Start wearing retro clothes or hats or dye your hair green.

You see, life is short. Maybe 2016 is my (or your) last year. There is no telling when a massive earthquake or Vampires or alcohol poisoning kills us. So take chances and make that leap. Pun intended.


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