Lessons from regrets

He felt like sprinkle of water in the sun

He was the ride through the deserted roads, with windows down and music up

The sparks that flew, so brilliant and bright

Voice was music to my ears, and I stayed awake all night listening to him talk, for it made all my pain disappear for those moments

His smile was the one that never let me stay mad, and oh those dimples, those dimples that I was almost envious of

The hands I always wanted to hold, the hands that caressed the canvas for something exquisite

And there was his eccentric choice in music that made me admire his mind, so good at maths, even

But how did I forget, that the most beautiful minds can be the most ruthless, plotting extravagent plots of terror

That the hands can also harass, tearing apart what little is left of life

And how dimples are no where to be found when the smile turns into snarls and scowls

How I was left tossing and turning in my bed, yearning for one reply or one call, one call to fix it all

But sparks turn into ravaging fires, burning everything into ashes

Hope I had told myself, reckless driving also leaves people begging for help, bleeding to death

How did I forget, summer rains are storms?


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