Dear Men

Dear Men,

Oh, the people who are supposed to protect the damsel-in-distress that I am, I have a question for you. How are you not offended by victim blaming? How is it that you just brush it off as not being your problem at all?

Let me break it down for you.

When women are told that their skirt is too high, or their shirt is too low, the society assumes that men are some animals who cannot restrain themselves at the sight of skin. The world says that you are dogs and we are meat, that it is your inherent nature to prey upon us.

When women are told to stay home at night, or not go to certain places alone, they assume that men are hiding in those places looking to attack us. They assume that the world is a man’s marked territory and that women would be risking their life to even assume they have some rights over that area.

When women are told to have some male company whenever possible, to have them escorted to their destination safely, people assume men are nothing but vile creatures who fight over things they want. They assume that violence is the only natural state of mind, that possessiveness is your way of being.

Is it not offensive? Because I know men are better than just animals of the night, controlled by their instincts of sex and aggression. I know men are capable of being kind, gentle and caring. But the society repeatedly tells women otherwise. The world preaches for women to be scared of men. Why does it not bother you? Knowing that half the world’s population is reduced to one stereotype?

This is why victim blaming should be a problem for men as well. Men, just like women, should be offended when the society talks about how to avoid rape. When people tell women how not to get raped, it assumes that all men are inherently sexually violent. It assumes all men are rapists.


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