It’s time for comebacks

I am a twitter person. It’s my home, and I absolutely adore the space. It’s free and filled with people who are charming and witty. You can find people who are eccentric, and they soon become your friends. But there’s another group of people who spend all their waking hours making the lives of others absolutely miserable. The ignorant little pricks.

Since yesterday, I’ve been trying to knock some sense into a guy who is, honestly, a lost cause. This one wants to slap activists who raised their voice over a human rights violation which was tied to the majority religion in India. I won’t get into the details of the little debate we still (unfortunately) continue to have. And this reminded me of all the people I’ve ever spoken to who have something extremely dimwitted to propagate. They are all, without fail extremists, who assume they have the answers to all problems in the world and the entire world is foolish to believe in certain fundamental rights.

Homophobes and Misogynists use the “law of nature” argument. That homosexuals are not natural, that women were born inferior to men. Multiple researches, only a click away, prove them to be wrong. However, I know they wouldn’t believe in them. And so, I use the argument I love the most. If we hold true the “law of nature” argument for the sake of the debate, it raises many other questions. Darlings, if you are such a firm believer in the way things are naturally, why not go all in? Let’s forget all about monogamy because humans are polygamous in nature. Let’s not even encourage the institution of marriage, or the idea of virginity, or the family structure, because that is not the nature’s way. Better yet, lets all get rid of religion – do you think nature came up with millions of Gods who apparently love to bathe in milk?

This, in turn, brings me to another popular argument I hear. Some “God” they claim, made things the way they are and we must respect them. A being that people haven’t seen, or heard, but have known of only through elitists who strive to maintain the status quo. Millions believe some random person (and always, always some man) designed the world and all our destinies. That the Slave Trade was justified and the Holocaust was all planned, for this person or entity or whatever wanted drama and couldn’t pay for Netflix. I have so many things I want to yell and scream, but I will try to remain civil (or your God will throw me into Hell) First of, dear humans, nobody decides anything. I do agree to social, economic and political situations determining a person’s actions and life, but there is absolutely nothing supernatural controlling us.

Even if you want to believe in God, go ahead. I don’t support them, but I understand the feelings of faith and hope. If I have to stand in your shoes and explain to you how ridiculous the argument is, here it goes. God created us. If He doesn’t like something that’s up, He’ll probably come down for a stroll and destroy it. Humans doing or not doing something doesn’t threaten God in any way. Think about it, isn’t it ridiculous that this one Being that made all of universe(s) is suddenly in danger because some woman decides to have sex before marriage?

And to end my arguments, please understand that we are a secular, democratic country. Our legislation doesn’t, and shouldn’t be, influenced by the views of any religion but only by the constitution. This point I make with India in my mind, but a lot of countries today fall into the same category. So the next time someone is trying to do fight for the rights or the marginalised, don’t bother bringing up nature and God into the picture. Thank you.


P.s. There was recently a podcast that linked one of my posts to their description. I didn’t hear all of it, but I did listen to the parts. Someone ended up thinking that refusing the gender binaries and being transgender etc is not normal, and I do not support the view. Again, I couldn’t stand the entire discussion, but here is to clarify that I do not support any anti LGBTIQA thoughts/ groups/ movements. Kbye.


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