Last one before I go

Less than eight hours before take off. Today was a mess. My flight tickets were screwed up, and I felt like breaking down. I got into the psychology department of our college, which trust me is an achievement. Yay me. Kenya airways was testing my patience, and I had to travel across the city to sort out a royal mess. In all, stressful. But I’m hoping it’s a smooth ride from now on.

I’m in my bed, trying to get sleep before I get up at 1 am (who does that?) but I can’t. Someone’s getting married it seems and the drummers are at it. Typical Mumbai. I’m going to miss home. I’m going to miss the traffic and seeing no stars but the incredible skyline. Mumbai, you’ll be missed. 

I’m going to miss my friends. I was hugged so many times, and I have a long list of things people want (including stones) but most of all, I was so touched by the messages and gestures. I love you guys. I cannot tell you enough how much I’ll miss being around you and in constant touch.

I’ll miss my bed and I’ll miss my food and I’ll miss our domestic help taunting and waking me up, and I’ll most definitely miss the silly TV shows.

There’s so many emotions running through me, and I don’t have words to express them. It’s a jumble fumble, and I like it this way. What is the point of going into the unknown, if you know yourself so well – or atleast think you do. I don’t know how I’ll do, but that’s fine. I’ll survive and I’ll have stories. It’s good enough.

I can’t wait for this adventure. Africa, see you soon.


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