Hello, Africa

Disclaimer : I’ll be posting a lot through my phone, and the posts may not look at pretty. Apologies.

I woke up at 1 am to catch my flight. 1 am is cruel on so many levels. I woke up and then went to the airport. Guess what? My flight got delayed. I had to pay Rs. 138 because they forgot to take some taxes. I was amused and annoyed at the same time.

The airline made me check in two bags, so I had to shift things from one bag to the other. And then came security. Half an hour for security check. Another forty five minutes for immigration. I might add at this point that the immigration officer didn’t know Zambia is a country. I’m just saying. I got through that and ate a dosa before 5 am. Went to my gate and walked around the mini garden, and then snapchatted. Waited. Waited some more.

We boarded the plane, and I was blessed with a guy who didn’t understand boundaries and also slept all over the place. Sneaked in some photos (duh) when the plane hit the continent of Africa. I kept the maps live and stared down the window like a kid would (and I have no shame about it). I assure you, the picture does not do justice to the real sight. The coastline was absolutely stunning. Miles and miles of coastline with nothing else in sight. After another two hours or so, we landed in Nairobi, an hour late. Immigration was funny, to say the least. I went to get my baggage.


They lost my baggage. I was like, whoa. I’m at kenya airport, alone, while these people have lost my bag along with two other random men. I might also add, one of those random men was a cocky 30 year old ish who did not have any chill and was trying to hit on me when I was trying to get my luggage back. I still have his email ID because he handed me his business card. Anyone wants to troll someone? Anyway, a kind man named Martin made people work and find my bag manually, and get it to me. Took two hours to get out of the airport (mostly because customs didn’t even open my bag)

Got to Nairobi, had amazing lunch. The family I’m staying with is adorable. Their son made me play football and then sword fight with balloons. I have to admit, it’s fun. I saw some fancy birds in downtown Nairobi, the ones you see in zoos. Wow. So green, so beautiful. The temperature, I envy.

Now I’m sitting here, in this beautiful place watching bollywood movies. Tomorrow will be a bigger adventure.


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