I’m apparently dating/engaged

It’s Friday, and I’m thankful I don’t have to walk around for two more days. Ah, the pleasure.

Today was the last day with the kids I’ve known for three days, and I already know some of them by name and their basic personalities. A girl named Sovia would do anything to escape work, and Osbourne is the super smart and nice one. There is George, who is the teacher’s favourite, and Purity who is the helpful one. I’m going to miss them. Come Monday, it’ll be a new bunch of kids and we’ll start all over again.

We did Maths, English and colouring with the kids today, and I have a feeling they must hate me for making them actually solve some sums before they got the selfies. But standing true to my promise, I took about 200 photos today. Some of them, I’m proud to say, are amazing. We got the kids a new football, since the one they played with was absolutely ruined. Nothing compared to their excitement of playing with a brand new ball. P.s. all Liverpool fans, it seems Liverpool is not as popular because balls with the same size and make but with different team logos were much more expensive.

He was really, really happy to be playing with a decent ball

During football, some children were hanging out with me. The camera attracted them, mostly. And they had about a dozen questions for us. They asked if Adrian and I were dating, and later asked if I was his maid. We were jerks, I suppose, and told them he was my father. Poor things didn’t believe it when I showed them my dad’s photo and said “but he’s not white.” I almost feel guilty for the deception, but oh well. Then, a kid of about 12 came to me and asked if the ring on my finger was a wedding ring. When convinced I wasn’t married, he hugged me and said he would marry me. Which was followed by a few other boys. Guys, guess what. I now have about 6 boyfriends in Zambia. Yay me.

That's some of the guys I'm engaged to now it seems

Once back home, with 5 blisters and a broken back, I sat down with other people talking about world history for the briefest time. Honest to God (the one I don’t believe in) it’s crazy how much there is to know. No matter how much you read, it’s never enough. I have to know more of African and Latin American history, and more history of the far east. This is insane, and it sometimes drives me crazy. But one day at a time. I’m going to finish the book I am reading before jumping into anything at all. Anyhoo, after that talk I did laundry and never before have I appreciated washing machines so much. It was absolutely boring and tiring. Removed detergent from the pads of my bra was more difficult than, like, winning the goddamn elections.

Oh, the President of Zambia is in town. We didn’t see him, but some others did. Apparently nobody likes him, which kind of must suck for him. But with elections coming in August, he must be out to get some votes. It atlas explains the police presence and the military vans we saw today morning. Mr. President, blocking traffic and ish.

Calling my family back home has been an absolute nightmare. First, they woke me up and then called me during class. When I did pick up during football, the kids lost their chill and tried to talk to mom. She was bewildered beyond belief. They greeted her in all the languages they knew, and in the Marathi I taught them. Skype was impossible because WiFi was so shit, but I finally made some contact with my parents. Honestly, their worry about me made me feel like shit about being a basic bitch to them half the time. Sometimes it is distance that gives you perspective.


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