Catching up

The last three days have been pretty good. I left off at the falls, because they deserved a blog entry of their own. But Sunday didn’t all revolve around the falls. It was much, much more than that. Also, as I write this, I hope my parents never find this blog.

I got a new roommate on Sunday, Meika (or Meike as I like to call her) who is from Holland. She’s got a gorgeous smile and is the ideal first roommate, in all honesty. I didn’t know how I would adjust, but its pretty cool to have someone to freak out with over a cockroach in the room. I think I may have made it worse for her. Anyway, the poor soul travelled for so long, and what do we do as considerate housemates? We decide to hit some bars. Not before pre drinking, of course.

I got to meet a cabbie that everyone is in love with, a guy who goes by the name of DJ Watson. The man is completely crazy. He greets you dancing, and spends most his time in the cab making sure the passengers are clubbing there. The man is perfect for partying on a budget. First, we went to backpackers and I got Hunter’s Gold (I’m obsessed at this point) and then came the others. When they did come in though, I could tell that the guys were drunk. Adrian, in particular, was way too drunk. Drunk enough to give piggy back rides, almost drop Katie into the pool, and actually dropping me and Lucy on the ground. Should not have trusted that one.

When we did finally get to Limpos, which is a local bar with pool and other games we couldn’t operate, I was drunk. My phone was with Katie, who was the only one not completely smashed. I am glad my money was in my bra, and I didn’t remember that, or I would have probably had another drink and regretted it at placement. I made the smart decision, the guys did not. Luke was drunk and playing pool with the locals, as was Adrian. It was mostly Luke who was being competitive, as we cheered on for team Sunbird. We did nothing special but just talk and chill, mostly. It was the part where we got back that was fun.

We got back in two cabs, and Luke was bummed about losing and cursing the chalk (or the lack thereof) as if it was his birth enemy. Nevertheless, it was Adrian that stole the show. When we did reach Sunbird, a little behind the others, I saw Adrian sitting on the Goddamn fence of the house, his hands on the tree and the wires, staring around and generally looking lost. When we did ask him to get down, so he didn’t hurt himself, and he just shrugged at us and mumbled “okay” before jumping down to the other side. We looked through to make sure he was okay, and he was simply walking towards the house. Later, he came out and told us he was going to swing and smoke, while we shivered in the cold. Most of us were yelling at him to get someone with the keys for the gate, while Lucy asked for cigarettes. Conveniently, he ignored us all, handed Lucy the cigarettes and sat on the swing smoking. Our cries did not even bother him, and then we just stood there, dejected, waiting for help. Incase you’re wondering, someone did come to open up the gate for us.

I did regret drinking on Monday, and did end up late. We got bikes for the bike, which were al fun and game going to placement but were an absolute nightmare while getting back. Mostly, it was just normal through the two days. We gave an IQ test to a girl who may have a learning disability, and went to running club. I finally got new shoes for myself, which is great because Zambia hates my shoes. I think I have an addiction to Shoprite, because no matter what I do, I end up going in there and buying things. I need to save money, but then I prioritise yoghurt over dollars.

This really creepy thing happened today. We were getting back from placement, and this random guy literally came infant of by bike and grabbed the handles to stop it. He assured me that he was a man, to which I had no real reply. Later, he asked me if I was a woman, and I nodded because it would have been pretty awkward to say nothing. And the next reaction he had was to say “we should make babies”. It escalated very, very fast. I wanted to move, but he wouldn’t let me go without telling me about how races didn’t matter, and how black and brown would be a great combination in a baby. I kid you not, he imitated a woman nursing a baby. After trying (and failing) to cycle away, I had to step down and tae my cycle around him. That wasn’t before he asked me my name, and where I lived, so he could find me at night. He’s probably close to the Victoria falls trying to find and Indian names Jackie right now. Good luck, sir.

That was creepy, and intimidating for a moment. But it all turned out to be fine, so I just let it go. For most, though, Zambians are gracious and welcoming. Their love for Mzungus is beyond normal – not that I’m complaining. In the last 10 days, I’ve learned to just smile and wave at people who say hello to us, and ignore everyone who asks for numbers. That’s the rule in Zambia, future travellers. That’s the rule.


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