Adrenaline mornings

Sunday was the day four of us decided to be suicidal. The Victoria Falls bungee jump is infamous for its accident, where a girl’s bungee cord snapped and she plunged into the Zambezi, and had to drag herself and the equipment to the bank of the river. She was lucky, though, for in November, the currents aren’t as bad as they are now.

What did we decide to do after hearing about the accident? We decided to take the combo pack, and try our luck thrice on the same day. I had asked the doctor if I could bungee jump after the cheetah attack (if you haven’t read about it, what the fuck man?) and she’d said yes. We called Dennis, who is now my favourite driver. He took us to the border, which is where you have all your adventure activities. You can see the falls and the Zambezi below you from the bridge, which is terrifying at the moment.

The crew was extremely sweet and friendly. I met a Mumbai Indians fan, and another who gave me his number (literally forced me to while climbing up the ladder after the jump, huh). Oh, fun fact. When we zip lined, we went from Zambia to Zimbabwe. Now this is how everyone should be travelling. The gorge swing I did with my roommate – Meika – and I must have torn her ear drum with my screaming. I was flying all over the place with the swing, and she pulled me towards her so I didn’t die there. Oh, bless her. The swing felt like a roller coaster, sans the feeling of some comfort you have with all the people and machines around you. There we were, swinging above the river, holding on to a rope. We had to take a breather before we went back for the most terrifying thing – the bungee jump.

Me being a wreck during the swing

I was scared of the jump because not only do you have to actually jump (which I didn’t, and regretted it), you also jump headfirst. So you are simply falling towards a raging river at the speed of gravity. Sounds fun? Wait till I finish the description. It happens about three times, repeatedly, before you are finally recovered by someone (still hanging upside down, by the way). I was personally terrified of the jump, and when I did do it, my back snapped so bad. I don’t even blame anyone but myself, because I did the thing wrong even with my injury. Nevertheless, after a shrilling scream from me, I was okay. I actually got to see a full rainbow when I was down, and it was absolutely mesmerising. I would have appreciated if I wasn’t upside down, but hey, no complains.

Stepping off. So many regrets.

For anyone who is an adrenaline lover, and visiting Zambia, you must do this. It was phenomenal (not to mention the photos you get) and the staff there help you out in every way possible. It is a tad bit expensive, but nothing compared to the experience. It might just be one of the most scenic spots for your thrilling day.


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