A rather eventful week

My second last week in Zambia and it breaks my heart into a million little pieces at try and come to terms with the fact. But it has been a week rather interesting and important, since I learned a few lessons along they way. And it’s just Thursday.

Marshall is not a problem anymore (shoutout to you, you know it’s you) and that’s great. Saturday was a rather dead night at Fez, so I went to Fairmont, but I was so drunk by then that all I did do was sit and have some interesting conversations. It’s funny how all the little stories and secrets come out when you’re drunk. But I’m a nice person, and I don’t put those things on the internet. Secrets stay safe with me.

Anyhoo, most of Saturday was spent napping and eating, since my hangover was horrendous. However, it was the night that stole the show. It was a full moon on Saturday, and the mist at the falls is still high. And so, amid the stars and the thundering of the falls, there is a rainbow. It’s one of the most spectacular things I’ve witnessed, to see a rainbow while everything else seemed to be drowning in the dark. Getting a photo was a challenge, and the one I have doesn’t even begin to cover how beautiful it actually was.


Sunday was Muramba Market day, chitenge (a kind of multi-purpose cloth) was a necessity for me. This market is a rather local place, where you find groceries and shoes that are most probably stolen. So, walking through narrow lanes and navigating with help of some basic directions given to us, we reached a nice chitenge shop. Ah, the kind of patterns there. I would have picked up about 10 if I had the money to. But since I only had 100 kwacha for the cloth, I got 4. Yes, it was quite a deal. However, it was the walk coming out that made me cringe. While on the main road again, looking for taxis, a man approached me. He wanted a handshake, and I didn’t want to be rude, and so I gave him my hand for a quick hello. Instead of respecting the gesture, he held on to my hand and didn’t let go for the longest time. With him asking for my number, me refusing and Maike pulling my other arm to free me away, it was a complete chaos. After some screaming, he finally did let go of my hand and turned away. He did run away, but not before he grabbed my ass in full public view. What’s worse, people found humour in it.

The frustration is very real.

In other news. Christine, a girl we suspecting to have dyslexia, does actually have dyslexia. We’re trying to enrol her into a special needs school, and the process is tedious. It involves 5 medical examinations, finding a sponsor, and some tears. Lots of tears. Her disability can easily be attributed to a prolonged labour and a cut in oxygen supply to her, which could have been, and should have been easily avoided in healthcare was easily accessible. But now she’s 19 and there is little to no hope of her ever getting better.

Ah, intense. Lets make it a little light hearted again. Since today was Adrian’s last day at placement, we had a small little party for the kids. There was music, juice, cake and some lollipops for the kids, and they had a complete blast. What was even funnier (and possibly illegal, but eh) was that the teachers got us locally brewed beer, called chibuku. It’s made out of fried corn, and had a light brown colour with oil drops on it. Boy, it was strong. They wanted us to have a lot, but Adrian and I shared a cup and we were hit instantly. It may have helped with my inhibitions of dancing though, which is good enough.

Well, that was the week for me. I had some great discussions and some amazing time, it just flew by. This weekend, I complete a month of being away from home. I almost feel bad for my parents, it must be pretty hard of them. But I have to admit, I wish I could slow time down a little and steal some more happiness.


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