Stars, secrets and safaris

There’s some things I wish I could put on the internet. Those poetic, perfect little moments that are milestones in my life, the things I will cherish forever. Those things I will be nostalgic about, those bitter-sweet butterflies in my stomach. But not everything is meant to go according to my will, and for the sake of others, those will remain secret with me.

In other news, since the Indian Passport is so weak and we don’t get visa on arrival for most countries, I couldn’t go to Botswana with the others. It kind of sucked, but being the stubborn little bitch that I am, I decided to spend a lot more money and go to Kafue National Park. Do I regret it? Maybe a little bit. But it was beautiful. We were the only ones in a 2000 sq km area, which is saying something. I stayed in a chalet next to a massive waterhole and went to sleep to the roaring of lions. It was terrifying, but now I feel like I would do it again. Being alone at the fire, staring at the brilliant stars in solitude. I could get used to it.


That was the view from my room


We got to see some animals, but since the grass was so tall, the pictures weren’t all that perfect. It was amazing, nevertheless, to go on a game drive alone and not in the midst of tourists. It felt like an experience most people never have, just being with wildlife. Almost dangerous, sometimes frustrating, but definitely worth it.


Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 7.22.40 PM
Some random antelope not liking me 


After all the game drives and a long, long drive back home, I did nothing special throughout the week. Tuesday was the day I got my visa extended, and today I went to school again. The kids were absolute monsters (I’m sorry, but they really were). My hair my pulled at and vaseline was applied to it, some kid almost kicked me, another did pinch me because I was trying to get her to stop choking a toddler. They were a mess, and I hated life. But guess what? I’m out of there now, and I just had fries. Life seems normal-ish again, something I can handle.

Meh, that’s about it. Apart from me dreading going home again, nothing special. Damn, someone just freeze time for me. Thank you.


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