Less than 24 hours

This time tomorrow, I’ll be at Johannesburg. Time flies by.

I’m not yet ready to leave, and the feeling hasn’t hit me yet. I threw a small party for my kids at school and got them treats, and danced with those toddlers. I hugged them and took about 100 selfies with everyone, because why not?

I met Christine and saw her in her school uniform, so excited to finally be able to learn.                                    Her mother started crying to me, and told me “You’re like God to me.” I didn’t know how to respond back, so I just hugged her, and told her to take care of herself. And then, I took photos with them, just so I remember them forever. Christine danced her heart out today, which was phenomenal. I’ve never seen anyone be so happy, never.

We had burgers for lunch, which were humongous. And now, after getting gelato, I’m at Kubu’s. Just like any other day, I’m here and ready to go to Fez. But I forget, this is the last of everything. Last of paying 5 kwacha for a taxi ride .Last of riding past Limpos which is a pub, grill and a car wash. Last of listening to “Do it like I do” everywhere I go. Last of seeing the presidential electoral rallies and campaigns. Last of having kids wave at us and gleaming with joy when they see Mzungus wave back.

Last of Zambia.

I thought I was here to teach kids and take care of them, and I reckon I did a decent enough job. But here is the time to be cliche. I’ve learned so much more from the kids than I could teach them. I learned to be loving and to show affection, to be free yet gentle, to be fiercly loyal to friends, to be flexible and adaptive to people, to be content with what I have and still share my favorite things. And oh, the people. The world needs to learn how to be humble and welcoming from Zambians.


What am I going to do without (kinda/ trying to) playing football with these kids every day?


Oh Zambia, you will be missed. I am hoping to come back to you, one day. One day I will see Sarah, Christine, Mark, Rhoda, Kennedy and Dennis again. One day, we will meet and form a bond even deeper, even stronger than the one we have now.

Till then, Tionana


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