Hello again, world

It’s high time I get off the Zambia roller coaster and face life again. Because I am now in my third (and last) year of under graduation, and I have decisions to make. What am I going to study after this? Where am I going to study after this? Trust me, the lectures, the assignments, the tests and the practicals and the vivas leave little time for me to sit down and think.

Not to mention, the world seems drastically different now than when I left. I took the liberty to not be super up to date with global news when in Zambia, but hey, I know local news in Zambia pretty damn well. Anyway, it seems Clinton got the Democratic Nomination. Although I personally preferred Sanders’ policies, we could all see Clinton get the nomination. I don’t have big inhibitions about her, since she’s been in the system for years and was Secretary of State with Obama. Here’s hoping she keeps building on what he founded, because let’s face it, Obama was pretty damn awesome. You shall be missed.

Brock Turner (yes, the Stanford Rape Offender) got away with six months in prison. Wait, what? Six months for raping a woman and then being an asshole with no remorse? How do I even blame that little prick for shrugging off responsibility, when his father so readily called rape “20 minutes of action.” There couldn’t be a more stellar example of white male privilege in the society: when you get caught red-handed raping someone behind a dumpster and still get away with it pretty easily, despite the world looking at the case. Congratulations, the elitist, sexist system wins again.

Muhammad Ali passed away, and I have to be honest. I respected the man, and my thoughts are with his loved ones and his fans, but I barely recollect watching him for 2 minutes. It’s never easy to lose someone you idolise, I know, but he lived a good life. Every death is tragic in itself, but every life is also a celebration of the endless human potential. It’s important that we always remember – and cherish – the happy moments of the ones that leave us during and after mourning. That brings closure, true closure.

Well, that’s all I know for international news. I yet am to update myself about a lot of things, specifically the Syrian Refugee Crisis in the recent days and the Brazilian movement. Oh, I almost forgot, it’s the Olympic Year! Yay, one more year my country wins one, perhaps two gold medals and we get ecstatic. I cannot wait!

I think I should end on a more personal note. I have been in university for every day this week, and it is exhausting. We barely get time to eat, and the lectures are long. The content is tough, the books are all fancy, the idea of having a degree in my hand in a few months is daunting. I know what I don’t want to do, so I just scratched two specialisations off my list. I still have a few months, but things are moving fast and I need to make up my mind. Also, I need another trip you guys.

Africa, I shall see you soon enough. Don’t you worry.


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