Friendship Day

So, I found out at midnight that it was friendship day today. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against assigned days for some relationship. Valentine’s day, mother’s day, father’s day, dog’s day. They’re all good, man, they’re all good. I’m all for people keeping out one day of the year to express their love and gratitude. Because as much as we all would like to, we just fail to be kind to everyone every day.
My problem with friendship day though is the amount of messages I get from people I don’t really consider friends. You might be my acquaintance, you might be my classmate or we may have trained together. We may have known each other for years or perhaps we just follow each other on twitter. But you see, most people who messaged me, you’re not really my friend. Because when I am up at night, in desperate need of someone, I wouldn’t even think of calling you up. When I am drunk, I wouldn’t text you about pink dolphins. When I’m happy, you wouldn’t be the one I treat with a pizza and coke.
And I’m sure, you wouldn’t do that for me either.
It’s all good, though. I know that when I was younger, it was cool to have hundreds of people on Facebook friends’ list. It was even cooler to get multiple friendship bands and show them off for days together, and never wanting to take them off. They did give a fake sense of self-worth, made me feel like I mattered to the people around me. Because they got be a band, we had a bond.
But now I know better, and perhaps you know better. So the bands are just emojis, and the hugs turn into words on my screen. It’s just that I’m not up for this. I’m not good at faking a smile and even copy pasting a message to all my contacts, because honestly, I couldn’t care less. Yes, I like to known what you’re up to every now and then. I’d be happy to see you get an internship or travel to Paris. But I’m not sure I can call you a friend and pretend to always be there for you, when I won’t be. Truth is, I won’t be thinking of you for most my time and that’s fine.
Anyhoo, for the friends that I do have. I love you, and you know I am all there for you, anytime you need me to. Chances are that we’ve known each other for years, and some for months (shoutout to team Zambia) but I do genuinely care about you. And I hope you know that I cherish your friendship every day, though I may not be the best at expressing it. And so, here we are. Perhaps we don’t talk every day but nothing will ever change.

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