Help Christine Get A Home

I am back with yet another update/ appeal. You are perhaps in tune with the campaign to get Christine a home.
To donate:

The good news is, we’ve raised $704. The bad news is, we’re going to need more.

Rabeccah, my manager in Zambia and the lady who is (very graciously) helping us out, suggested that instead of renting a house, we buy some land and build them a house. It sounds a little outrageous, but please hear me out.

A house built in their name is a a lifetime, one-off solution. The family of two would, at least, have a roof over their heads during hard times. And with the economic situation in Zambia, it certainly looks like hard times are looming.

If we rent a house, the fear of Christine and her mother getting evicted or harassed is very real. They are vulnerable, and don’t have access to legal recourse. With a house to themselves, we get rid of the problem.

So, in order to get these things done, we’ve had to revise our budget. The current breakdown is:

Kwacha 2000 (USD 200) for a small land
Kwacha 9000 (USD 900) for all the materials needed for a one room house, including:
-brick force wires
-building sand
-garvel (sand for foundation)
-iron sheets for roof
-planks for roof
-salt for foundation
-palstic and conforce wire for foundation
-windows and window frames plus galss
-doors and door handles

I will be posting/ sending you copies of the bills and receipts regularly and updating you with the progress we make.

I understand that I am asking for a lot. But, I have faith in you. When I started the campaign, I got a tremendous response. People not only donated, but they spread the word, they sent their love and their wishes. I am grateful for every single person who worked to get us where we are. And I know we can do this again. Every single donation matters to us, every share would mean a lot.

Thank you. And I mean this. This campaign has been difficult, but it was been so fulfilling to watch everyone raise the money we did. So, thank you.






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