Victim blaming

Warning: may just hurt your ego so if you’re one of those male chauvinistic, women suppressing men stop right here…or maybe you want to read and get out of that 13th century perspective.

Rape, domestic violence, assault, harassment, basically crime against women. No, I’m not saying crime only against women, but it is largely targeted at the so called “weaker” section of the society. Crimes like these are hideous, and I personally believe that the culprits deserve to get castrated. But the one thing that hurts me the most after an event like this is the society’s reaction to it.

The public, the media, every single person, starts wondering what did the victim do to get raped. “Why was she out late at night? Was she drinking? She must have been wearing something revealed. She must have asked for it. Her behavior must have provoked it. She shouldn’t have gone out alone without protection of a guy. Her husband raped her? Husbands don’t rape, they have a right to have sex. Her dad raped her, she must have deserved it. Her boyfriend raped her, of course, she had it coming. A stranger raped her? What a slut to go out alone with men.”

We blame the victim all they way. And I’m not talking about the lower, illiterate strata of the society. It’s shameful, but I know millionaires who live in mansions who have the same exact perspective. Education and awareness are two very different things.

The common people, the media, the politicians, the so called “Godman” even didn’t hesitate to blame the Delhi gang rape victim who later died. If you guys are not aware of it, here it goes. A girl was brutally raped last year on a moving bus, later beaten up and her body was torn into pieces…I won’t get into the details, but she later died.

And who was to blame? Her! The defense lawyer, the spiritual leader, the President’s son, all of them blamed her, blamed the women for this crime.

I am not gonna repeat this again, so get it right. No victim is ever responsible for what happens to her. The only one to blame is the culprit, the disgusting excuse of a human being.

And then comes our system. It takes years, decades even, for the victims to get justice – if ever. No wonder most of these crimes are never reported. The system, the society, only re-victimize the victim. Again, and again, and again, until she doesn’t shatter down completely.

I am ashamed of being part of a world where women are still fighting for their rights. I’m ashamed to be part of a society which has lost all compassion. I am ashamed.

Why do we tell girls how NOT to get raped. How about we teach boys to NOT rape?


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